About Dave Burt

I started drawing at about two years old. I was always encouraged to draw and sketch and was told (mostly by my mom) that I had skills. I can remember at age ten, making motor noises while drawing fast cars; mechanical form has always fascinated me. This passion led me to a degree in Technical Illustration from Sheridan College. I love light; the way it reflects on shiny objects and casts long shadows late in the day. With photo retouching, if I can put together several images and have the viewer think it was just one moment in time, captured in one shot, then I have achieved my goal.

When I'm not creating images, I'm likely going fast, either on a snowboard, sailboard, mountain bike or in my car, on a race track.  Sometimes I slow things down. These are the best times: chilling with my family and just taking in the view from our back door.