This entire scene is CGI and the video projected on the building is vintage mainframe and technology stock clips. My role was to source the raw clips and create a rough cut video for the projection as well as help with art direction for the 3D animators

For the Axial video I worked with the writer to create storyboard, sourced and art directed 3D animators to create the scene, effects, sound track and logo transformation all to make sure that it did not feel like the product harmed the crop.

For the Maltmasters video I worked with the writer to create storyboard, created rough cut from stock and purpose shot video to tell the story of the barley growers passion and dedication to the craft beer brewing process from seed to delicious beer.

For the Ebay Global Shipping video I worked with the writer to create the storyboard and created globe and Google earth assets. I worked with video production team to create the animated effects opening and closing sequence.

Using existing still images from print I added some life for online banner ads by creating animation that followers the form of the logo right through to final transition. I created assets and worked video production from initial concept to final animated banner ads.

For the Flea Beetle on line banner ads I worked with the graphic designer to create the final animated flea beetle assets for a playful and eye-catching on line teaser ad.

I worked with the creative team to from initial concept to final video. I sourced reference, created assets and art directed 3D animators. The creative was so well received that it went on to become a video game and spanned into multiple products and weeds.